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Harry Potter

This is my harry potter scarf. Oh yes. Read More

Deku (MHA)

This is my favorite cosplay. I enjyed making and shooting this. Check out this wone element. Read More

Taako Taaco (The Adventure Zone)

Debuted: Miyakocon February 2019 Since the self proclaimed “idiot” wizard, Taako, does not have a canon design according to the creators – I decided to create something of my own design for him. The final outfit was inspired by ouji/lolita style, 17th century fashion and general foppery. I patterned and constructed the vest, pants, jacket, Read More

Nonon Jakuzure

This cosplay was fun. Woo. Read More

Hanji Zoe (Attack on Titan)

Debuted: Newcon 2015 Hanji Zoe was a quick winter project for con at the end of the year. I constructed her cape from my own pattern in green ponte knit and matching lining fabric. Her jacket is based on a purchased cosplay pattern that I adjusted for a proper fit, sewn in cotton twill. The Read More

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